Max’s Moon Finished

Tonight I put the final few stitches in Max’s Moon.  This project has been going on for some time, mostly because it was supposed to be my small project for taking away on holiday.  Now we have moved into our new house and have a landlady who allows us to hang things up on the walls it motivated me to get on and finish this so I can hang it up.

It was a nice design to stitch, once I got used to the dark fabric which makes it a little more difficult to see.  The background is left unstitched which makes it much quicker to finish, and although there is a reasonable amount of backstitch I quite enjoyed doing it because it wasn’t just outlining things, it actually formed part of the design.



Things I made for my wedding

I wanted my make my wedding unique, and as I love crafts and making things I wanted to create as much of the stationary as I could myself.  I made all the invitations and have made all my thank you cards too.  I also made the placecards, seating plan and table names which were each named after one of our favourite big cats.  I did a drawing of each cat to go on the table names.






Snow Leopard – Dimensions Gold Collection

So it’s been a long time since I last wrote.  A lot has happened since then, most importantly I got married 🙂  My husband got me some really lovely and thoughtful wedding presents, one of which was this beautiful snow leopard cross stitch which is part of the Dimensions Gold Collection.

I haven’t done too much yet, but you can already see the shape of the face starting to appear.  The kit looks really good, the threads all came pre-sorted which makes a really nice change, and there are two versions of the chart – a large one and a small one.


Earrings and a Bracelet

These are some earrings and a bracelet I made while sitting in the sun last weekend in my parents’ garden.  I’m hoping to sell some of them at a car boot sale soon.

Stone Bead Jewellery

I made some jewellery this afternoon using some of the semi-precious stone beads I got for Christmas.  The black, grey and clear necklace is just made with normal glass beads.  I believe the grey beads on the bracelet and the pink coloured beads are both jasper, but obviously the pink ones have been dyed.


Wedding planning is also going well, we have venue, registrar, photographer, car and dj booked.  I’ve started making the invitations, my brother’s girlfriend is going to do my hair for me, and I think I’ve chosen which dress I want.

The Awakening Update 29

Well Page 8 is finally complete, and I couldn’t resist starting the next page before stopping to take a photo.  There is only one and a bit pages left to go until the end of the row now which  is very exciting.


Firstly some exciting news – I’m now engaged!  So lots of exciting wedding planning coming up!

Secondly here is some of the jewellery I have made.  I have sold several pieces of jewellery now, which I’m really pleased with because it means I can get some more money to buy more beads and jewellery stuff!

The Awakening Update 28

I know there are lots of other cross stitch blogs out there where people finish project after project but I like to think that the length of time The Awakening is taking will all be worthwhile because it’s looking really great.  Progress has been slow but at least there has been some progress and I have almost finished the page.  I got excited when I laid it out to take the photo just now because it’s been in the frame for a long time so it’s ages since i’ve seen the whole thing and it looks so good!

Hampshire Cross Stitch Group

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.  I’m looking for a cross stitch group in Hampshire, somewhere in the Southampton/Winchester area.  If there aren’t any then i’d like to set one up, but I need at least a couple of people to help me get started.  So if you’re interested in going to a cross stitch group in Southampton or Winchester please let me know.  I know that there are other similar groups around, like knitting groups, but they tend to either meet in pubs where it is too dark to cross stitch, or during the daytime on a weekday when i’m at work.  I really hope that there are some people out there who’d like to meet up with other cross stitchers around here.


These are some cards I made the other night (mostly birthday cards).  I bought some new sparkly black and white stickers and I wanted to try them out, I think they look quite effective.

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