This is the first piece i did after i bought my set of Prismacolor pencils.  I decided to go for the set of 72 as that probably included all the colours i could ever want, and was very good value.  Unfortunately these pencils aren’t actually available in the UK, but i managed to find them on Ebay at a reasonable price, and decided to get them as i’d heard so many good things about them.  They were even better than i expected, the colour is bright, and lays down smoothly on the paper.  They also blend together really well when layered.

I really enjoyed experimenting with my new pencils on this piece, and i’m pleased with how it came out for a first attempt.  I knew i still had a lot to learn, especially as far as fur was concerned, and techniques for creating areas of light and dark.  The whiskers i added on at the end, by painting them on with white gouache, after discovering that the white pencil would not colour over the darker colours of the fur.  I know this is not my best work, but i find it helpful to see the past pieces of work of an artist to see how they have improved, so hopefully this will be helpful to someone else.


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  1. July 9, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Ohh! Another cat! Gorgeous!

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