Another Woodland Enchantress Update

Almost two months work done on my woodland enchantress cross stitch now.  I’m still really enjoying it, and loving the colours.  I’m currently working from right to left across her skirt and the ground at the bottom.  I can really see the picture emerging now, and it is really motivating me to spend more time on it.


Rabbit Cross Stitch

This is one of the first cross stitches i ever did.  I think rabbits are really cute, and i loved them when i was younger.  I don’t remember much about stitching this design but it must have been fairly easy or else i wouldn’t have finished it.

Cards For Sale

I have finally decided to start selling my cards. You can visit my shop here:

The cards will be both normal ones, and ones with prints of my art on. is quick and easy to register on, and you can pay using Paypal. I will ship to all countries, but postage to the UK is cheaper. Please do have a look at some of my cards, there aren’t many in the shop yet, but i’m adding more all the time so check back often. If you have any comments or requests just let me know.

Tiger Cub

This is my latest coloured pencil piece, done on black paper with my Prismacolor pencils. I found the photo of the tiger cub and thought it was so cute i just had to draw it! I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out, although the wood was a bit tricky as i had never tried to draw wood before. Here are the steps I took to draw this picture:


Some more stitching done

So, as promised, here is the latest update from my woodland enchantress cross stitch. I’ve gone right down to the bottom right corner now, and have done some more of her skirt.


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How I Started With Coloured Pencil

Sorry i haven’t made an entry for a while, i’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s for the past week, but i’m back now.  Today i thought i’d show you my first ever serious coloured pencil piece.  I enjoyed doing it so much that i then went on to buy my prismacolor pencils.  This was just done with normal coloured pencils, using a photo as a reference.  I think the best way to start with coloured pencil is to pick a simple picture and try to copy the colours exactly.

I have also done some more on my woodland enchantress cross stitch but the light isn’t very good for taking a photo of it right now so i’ll post that one tomorrow.

More Progress On Woodland Enchantress

I’ve done some more stitching, mostly just the background, although in this piece even the background looks amazing.  I’ve managed to get down to the brown patch of ground which makes it a bit more interesting to look at, and i’m hoping to get right down to the bottom right corner soon.  I’m still really enjoying it, and i’m planning on doing a lot more stitching today.  I would really reccommend this kit to anyone, it’s such a pleasure to stitch.

Butterfly on Buddleia

This is a picture i did last year, drawn in coloured pencils.  I used a reference photo of a butterfly to draw it and then added my own buddleia and background, and i don’t think it turned out too badly.  The butterfly has ended up slightly bigger on one side than the other but never mind.  I like the colours, and the furry body of the butterfly.  I think butterflies are great subjects for artwork because they come in so many beautiful colours and patterns.

Woodland Enchantress Update

So i’ve done a bit more on my woodland enchantress cross stitch, not as much as i would have liked, but never mind, it’s still coming along slowly.  The background part isn’t too bad now i’m moving onto the lighter colours as they use fewer strands (only 3 compared to 5 for some of those darker colours) so it’s easier and quicker to stitch them.  The whole of the background is done in half cross stitches, but using more strands of thread than the full cross stitches on the woman, which is clever as the stitches still completely cover the fabric but give more of a background feel.