Woodland Enchantress at Easter

This is how far i have got with my Woodland Enchantress cross stitch. I’ve been working on it for almost 3 months now, although it’s been hard to find the time lately because i’ve had a lot of work to do. I’ve almost finished the white and blue part of her skirt, which i think is looking really good, although i’m looking forward to doing some more of the green. Luckily there haven’t been so many mixed colour stitches to do lately, and the stitches have been in larger blocks of the same colour, so progress has got a little faster. I’m enjoying this one so much, i can’t wait to get some more done.


Some of my cards

Sorry i haven’t written for a while, i’ve been busy with work this week – standing out in the high street handing out leaflets, no fun at all. I thought i’d show you some of my cards, which i really enjoy making. You can see more of my cards, and even buy them, at www.beccagregory.etsy.com. I think making cards is a great way to be creative.