Framed At Last

I finally got round to framing a couple of my cross stitches that i’ve done in the last few years.  The baby tiger doesn’t really have that light coloured line down it, that’s just the light reflecting off the glass.  I’m really pleased with how they look, unfortunately i can’t manage to take a photo good enough to do them justice.  Now i just have to decide where to hang them up.


My New Aim

Well i decided that i would try and do some cross stitch every day, and it seems to have been paying off so far.  I’ve pretty much done all the white and blue area of my woodland enchantress’s skirt, so i’m nearly onto that lovely green coloured part.  It will be really nice to start using some different colours.

April Update

I haven’t had much time for stitching lately, i’ve been getting a lot of work from my temp agency, although the money is nice.  I’ve also been working hard on sorting out my website and we now have a new host and a brand new webpage, which is rather nice so do go and have a look (my website).

As far as my Woodland Enchantress goes, i’m trying to finish off the blue and white part of her skirt at the moment, then hopefully soon i’ll get to move onto the green part.