Start Of The Stitch-Along

I’m taking part in the stitch-along organised on facebook this weekend. The idea is everyone taking part posts a before picture on Friday evening, does as much stitching as they can during the weekend, and posts an after picture on Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s progress, and chatting to all the other stitchers.

I’m really pleased that i finally got down into the bottom left corner of my Woodland Enchantress. I’m going to work up the left hand side now. Here’s a progress picture for you.


Progressing More Quickly

I’m progressing fast on my Woodland Enchantress as i’ve only been working part time the last couple of weeks, leaving lots more time for stitching.  Her dress is starting to look really beautiful, i love the greens and the reds together, and the shading on the folds of the dress looks really good.  Unfortunately i’ve got lots of background to do next which i don’t like so much as it’s only half cross stitches and uses more strands of thread.

Woodland Enchantress Update

So here is another update, i’m onto the greens of her dress now and i really love the colours.  Unfortunately with the green parts being so fun to do the background is getting a bit left behind, so i’m having to force myself to do some of that every now and then.  I also prefer stitching the woman as she is done in full cross stitches whereas the background is in half cross stitches.

Beginning Of May

I finally managed to move onto the dark blue and green part of my woodland enchantress’s skirt.  It’s so nice to do some different colours for a change after all that white and light blue.  I really like the colours of the greens as well.  I’m so pleased with it so far and it’s so fun to do, so hopefully i’ll have lots more to show you soon.

woodland 10