Almost ran out of thread!

I had a bit of a panic on my Woodland Enchantress cross stitch as i almost ran out of brown thread.  I only had a few centimetres of thread left when i finished all the stitches so it was a bit of a close thing and i’m worried i’m going to run out of other colours now.  Other than that it’s going really well, i’m doing the top left background now which is going quite quickly as it is mostly half cross stitches and has big patches of the same colours.


Half Way

I’m now over half way through my Woodland Enchantress!  I’m really pleased with the progress i’ve made in the last couple of weeks, it’s looking so good.  I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of days because it was my birthday on Sunday, and i went to Thorpe Park yesterday which was great.  Although i enjoyed doing some stitching out in the garden at the weekend in the lovely weather.

End Of The Stitch-Along

I really enjoyed the stitch-along this weekend, it was fun seeing everyone else’s progress and chatting to the other stitchers as we worked on our projects.  I got quite a bit done, although it doesn’t look like so much as quite a bit of it is in light colours.  The turquoise coloured circles you can see look a bit odd at the moment, but they will eventually be the area where the beads go.  Here’s an update for you: