Finished All Cross Stitches On Woodland Enchantress!

After almost eight months, and around 40,000 stitches, all the full cross stitches and half cross stitch on my Woodland Enchantress are done.  I had a bit of a problem as i ran out of the blue purple thread supplied with the kit, with quite a lot of stitches still to do with it.  I couldn’t be bothered to wait for them to send me some more so i looked in my stash and found the nearest colour and just used that.  It’s slightly more blue, but you can’t tell when it’s in with the other stitches.  I wasn’t very happy about Dimensions not supplying enough thread though, as i am careful with the amount i use when i stitch, and i imagine some people could have a real problem.

Anyway, just all the backstitching, beads, french knots and cording to go!


All Four Corners On Woodland Enchantress

Yep, all four corners are done, so it really is looking nearly finished now!  Just a bit more background, one more arm, the pole, and some odd little bits here and there.  And then of course all the backstitching, french knots, beads and cording, that might take me a while!!  But i’m working as much as possible on it now, because it’s looking so good and i can’t wait to see it finished.

Materials For My HAED

I finally chose which Heaven And Earth Design i want to do after i finish my Woodland Enchantress.  It’s called The Awakening and the artwork is by Jonathan Earl Bowser.  For those of you who don’t know about Heaven And Earth Designs, they take great fantasy artwork and turn it into amazing cross stitch patterns.  The website is at and there are so many pieces to choose from it took me quite some time.

This is what the piece i chose will look like in the end:

It will be 14 inches wide and almost 23 inches high on 25 count fabric, which is 350 stitches by 561 stitches.  The pattern itself is 30 pages long, although it doesn’t look as bad as i thought it was going to, there are fairly large areas of the same colour.  There are 90 colours used in the design, luckily i had a few of them already, but here is a picture of them all laid out:

I was quite surprised by the variety of colours used, although i think some of them will be hardly used at all, like the pinks and purples.  I will need more than is shown here, i just decided to get one of each at the start and then order more when i start to run out.  Then of course there was the massive task of winding them all onto bobbins, which took many hours and some help from my boyfriend.  Here is the end result:

I think they look amazing, such pretty colours and all neatly laid out in number order.  I also ordered a plastic 9″x9″ snap frame.  Although i have worked in hand for all my other projects i think this one is a little big for that, and i want to make sure the tension is perfect.  I also got a lovely big piece of 25 count lugana fabric, and some size 28 needles.  Now i just can’t wait to get started!!

Lots More Progress On Woodland Enchantress

I’ve been doing really well on my Woodland Enchantress cross stitch lately.  Unfortunately most of the background left is just three colours, but at least with larger blocks of colour it should be quicker to stitch.  I also get to do the fun part of her head and the rest of her hair.  At the moment i’m doing one thread of background then one thread of the woman, just to make it a bit more interesting.  I can’t wait to finish and am already planning my Heaven And Earth Design.

Woodland Enchantress Has An Arm!

Yep that’s right, she now has an arm, and part of a hand.  I’m also still working away slowly on that background which seems neverending at the moment, and contains lots of annoying colours which require two strands of one colour and three strands of another colour.

Birthday Card

This is a birthday card i made today for my nan.  The design was from a book i have called Two Hour Cross Stitch.  I was interested to see if the design did in fact take two hours, but unfortunately it actually took me three, and i do think i am a fairly fast stitcher.  I can see that some of the designs in the book would definitely take less than two hours though.  Anyway, this is a simple flower, but i thought it was pretty and effective.

Woodland Enchantress, getting there!

I’ve put down Max’s Moon for a little bit, i’m going to try washing it so hopefully it won’t hurt my hands anymore.

But the good news is i’ve been back on the Woodland Enchantress, and made quite a bit of progress in the last couple of days.  I’ve been stitching several different areas of it since the last update.  I have done quite a bit more of the background, but got a bit bored with that part so moved onto finishing off her dress, and even got to do some of her hair!  It’s really coming together now, i can’t wait to do some more of her body, but i know i should do some more background first.