The Awakening Update 6

This is the progress i have made on The Awakening this week.  As you can see i’ve almost finished the sphere on top of this side of the archway.  I’m getting close to finishing the first page now, which will be very exciting.  Thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog, your comments really inspire me to make as much progress as possible.


The Awakening Update 5

I’m really impressed with my progress on The Awakening this week, despite not having that much time i seem to have got quite a lot done.  I think it’s partly because the sky section is only made up of three colours so it’s really quick to stitch compared to the tree parts which are made up of well over 40 colours.  At the bottom you can see the beginning of the sphere on top of one side of the arch.  It’s getting really exciting now i can see the picture really appearing.

Awakening Update 4

Sorry i haven’t updated for ages, but i have been doing a little cross stitch in the evenings.  I have been working on both my HAED and Max’s Moon since i last posted, but i’m going to show you my progress on my HAED today.  I’ve done almost half a page on The Awakening, which is about 2400 stitches so far.  Hopefully you can now see the tree branch.  I’m quite excited about the next half of the page because it has one of the spheres at the top of the arch on it.