The Awakening Update 9

I was right when I said this page would be quicker than the first one.  It doesn’t have many colours, which is making things so much faster (plus the fact that it’s the holidays so i actually have time to stitch).  It’s lovely being able to see so much progress, although the sky isn’t the most interesting thing to stitch.  I think i prefer dark colours on light fabric, they show up more, are easier to see and it feels like you’re making more progress.


The Awakening Page 1 Complete!

I haven’t updated for the last few weeks because i’ve been really busy with my PGCE course, but i’ve finished my first school placement now so i should have more time over the next couple of weeks for cross stitching.  I’ve finally finished page 1 of The Awakening!  Unfortunately i don’t seem to be able to take very good pictures today, it  looks much better in real life.

I had my first experience with krenik at the end of this page, there are 4 stitches using it in the middle of the sphere.  For those who don’t know it’s a sparkley thread, this one is Krenik #4, an almost white colour.  Instead of using a whole strand of it, because it seemed quite thick, i decided to separate it out into smaller strands and just used two of those, so half the original.  This seems to work ok, i don’t think i’d have been able to thread the needle with it in the whole thread.  You can’t really see it as there aren’t many stitches, but i think it will look good later on, in the snowy parts for example.

I think that page 2 will be a lot quicker than this page, because all it is is sky and archway, which involves very few colours compared to this first page, which used almost all of the 90 colours for the project.  I’ve now done 8000 stitches, out of almost 200,000 for the whole project.



The Awakening Update 7

I’m a bit late with my update this week, but i’m really pleased with my progress.  It’s amazing how much you can get done in just two days at the weekend.  It wasn’t even two whole days either.  I was very excited to get started on the archway which you can see starting to appear at the bottom right of the picture.  And better yet, i’m getting close to finishing my first page!  I read somewhere that it’s best to think of each page as a project in itself, which i think is great, i’m just forgetting about all the other pages for now.  Luckily with this design each page has enough on it to keep me interested and make it like a miniature picture.

Unfortunately if i keep going at this pace (one page in over 3 months), it’s going to take me an awful long time to finish it.  I’m hoping that i will find more time once i’ve finished my teacher training course, and hopefully with the Christmas holidays coming up soon i’ll have a lot more time for stitching.  Thank you to everyone who commented on my last update, it’s really great to know what you think of my work so far.