Some Leaves For Max

I’ve been working on Max’s Moon (very slowly) this week and i’ve now finished the leaves.  The green was a lot more fun to stitch than all those browns and greys.  I have a bit more of the branch above the leaves to do and then i’m going to move onto the moon, which will be a lot of white and light grey.


Max Now Has A Head

I’ve been working hard on Max’s Moon, and Max now has a head, and a bit of a leaf, and some backstitched fur.  I think the backstitching on the fur really brings it out, and he looks so cute with his whiskers.  The green of the leaf makes a nice change from all the greys.

Next Update On Max’s Moon

I went on holiday for a couple of nights with my boyfriend to a lovely place near Bath.  As it was a holiday i thought i’d better take my holiday cross stitch project with me – Max’s Moon.  I got chance to work on him a bit, and i’ve done some more since i got back too because i just can’t put him down.  He’s looking really cute now, although stitching black thread on black fabric isn’t very fun.