The Awakening Update 16

Well the Easter holidays have certainly allowed me time to get a lot more stitching done, i think i’ve done more in each day of the holiday than i did in the whole month before that!  I’ve been working really hard on the sky, although i had to do some of the arch because the sky was getting really boring, there is only so long that i can work on pink, purple and peach.  I’ve almost finished the top half of this page now (which had nothing but sky on it), so hopefully i’ll get that bit done tomorrow.  Sorry the picture is a bit dark, it’s not so sunny here at the moment.


The Awakening Update 15

First of all i’m very sorry that i haven’t updated for so long.  I’ve been extremely busy with my teacher training course, so much lesson planning and essays and things that i’ve hardly had time for cross stitching.  However it is now the Easter holiday so i should have a lot more time over the next couple of weeks to get more stitching done.

As you can see i’m working on that third page, just doing lots of sky which is fairly easy as it’s only really 4 colours.  There’s just an awful lot of it so i expect i’ll get fed up of sky fairly soon!