The Awakening Update 19

I’ve done quite a lot of cross stitching this weekend and made some progress on the tree branches at the top of page 4.  Most of this page is tree branches and sky, with the other half of the sphere as well.


The Awakening Page 3 Complete!

Page 3 of my HAED, The Awakening by Jonathan Earl Bowser is finally complete.  After lots of sky and lots of arch, and then way too much confetti stitching on the half of the second sphere which i did this weekend, that’s 3 pages done.  I’m really pleased with how it’s looking so far, and i’m excited about the next page because it has lots of tree on it which will make a nice change.  I also managed to spill some of my water on it just now, and was extremely glad that i don’t drink anything else!

The Awakening Update 17

I hadn’t had time to do any cross stitching for ages, in fact i went a whole two and a half weeks without doing a single stitch which was very depressing.  However i managed to find some time this weekend and have finished both the arch and sky on page 3.  All that is left on page 3 now is half of the second sphere thing.

I am a little worried that my plastic snap frame is ruining some of the stitches, as the ones around where the frame has been seem a bit scruffy and you can see the difference (possibly not in this photo).  I already put a piece of fabric in between the stitches and the frame so i’m not sure what else i can do, any ideas?