Things I made for my wedding

I wanted my make my wedding unique, and as I love crafts and making things I wanted to create as much of the stationary as I could myself.  I made all the invitations and have made all my thank you cards too.  I also made the placecards, seating plan and table names which were each named after one of our favourite big cats.  I did a drawing of each cat to go on the table names.








Although this is primarily a cross stitch blog I like to show you other art and craft projects that i’m working on.  This is my latest drawing, of some lilies, drawn using coloured pencils.  Unfortunately I don’t think my camera is good enough to make the photo look like the real life drawing, but it’s the best I can do.  The real life one has brighter colours.

Next Update On Max’s Moon

I went on holiday for a couple of nights with my boyfriend to a lovely place near Bath.  As it was a holiday i thought i’d better take my holiday cross stitch project with me – Max’s Moon.  I got chance to work on him a bit, and i’ve done some more since i got back too because i just can’t put him down.  He’s looking really cute now, although stitching black thread on black fabric isn’t very fun.

Cards For Sale

I have finally decided to start selling my cards. You can visit my shop here:

The cards will be both normal ones, and ones with prints of my art on. is quick and easy to register on, and you can pay using Paypal. I will ship to all countries, but postage to the UK is cheaper. Please do have a look at some of my cards, there aren’t many in the shop yet, but i’m adding more all the time so check back often. If you have any comments or requests just let me know.