These are some cards I made the other night (mostly birthday cards).  I bought some new sparkly black and white stickers and I wanted to try them out, I think they look quite effective.


Some of my cards

Sorry i haven’t written for a while, i’ve been busy with work this week – standing out in the high street handing out leaflets, no fun at all. I thought i’d show you some of my cards, which i really enjoy making. You can see more of my cards, and even buy them, at I think making cards is a great way to be creative.

Cards For Sale

I have finally decided to start selling my cards. You can visit my shop here:

The cards will be both normal ones, and ones with prints of my art on. is quick and easy to register on, and you can pay using Paypal. I will ship to all countries, but postage to the UK is cheaper. Please do have a look at some of my cards, there aren’t many in the shop yet, but i’m adding more all the time so check back often. If you have any comments or requests just let me know.