Max’s Moon Finished

Tonight I put the final few stitches in Max’s Moon.  This project has been going on for some time, mostly because it was supposed to be my small project for taking away on holiday.  Now we have moved into our new house and have a landlady who allows us to hang things up on the walls it motivated me to get on and finish this so I can hang it up.

It was a nice design to stitch, once I got used to the dark fabric which makes it a little more difficult to see.  The background is left unstitched which makes it much quicker to finish, and although there is a reasonable amount of backstitch I quite enjoyed doing it because it wasn’t just outlining things, it actually formed part of the design.




I had a nice surprise today in the form of a day off, because the snow made it too dangerous to drive.  So in amongst the essay writing and getting distracted by the internet i managed to get a bit of stitching done.  Max now has a moon, and some of the fern in the bottom left.  The fern is actually taking quite a long time even though it’s just backstitch.

Some Leaves For Max

I’ve been working on Max’s Moon (very slowly) this week and i’ve now finished the leaves.  The green was a lot more fun to stitch than all those browns and greys.  I have a bit more of the branch above the leaves to do and then i’m going to move onto the moon, which will be a lot of white and light grey.

Max Now Has A Head

I’ve been working hard on Max’s Moon, and Max now has a head, and a bit of a leaf, and some backstitched fur.  I think the backstitching on the fur really brings it out, and he looks so cute with his whiskers.  The green of the leaf makes a nice change from all the greys.

Next Update On Max’s Moon

I went on holiday for a couple of nights with my boyfriend to a lovely place near Bath.  As it was a holiday i thought i’d better take my holiday cross stitch project with me – Max’s Moon.  I got chance to work on him a bit, and i’ve done some more since i got back too because i just can’t put him down.  He’s looking really cute now, although stitching black thread on black fabric isn’t very fun.

Max’s Moon Update

I’ve been working on Max’s Moon a bit lately, and (fingers crossed) my hands seem to be ok with the fabric now.  For those who don’t know, the fabric made lots of red dots appear on my hands, so i tried washing it and it seems to have solved the problem.  As you can see, Max now has some back legs, and even a bit of something to stand on.  The black fabric isn’t too bad to work on, although i’m glad i did the “back end” of Max first as now i have the fun bit still to look forward to.


If you can’t remember what the finished piece will look like, click on the “Max’s Moon” link in the list on the right hand side of the page and it will take you to all the posts i’ve made about Max.