Crewel Butterflies First Picture

Well here is my progress so far on my first attempt at crewel.  I say attempt because it’s very different to cross stitch and i’m finding it a lot more difficult.  I think this is something that will certainly need a lot of practice before i get it looking good enough to be happy with.  It is difficult because although the lines of the design are printed on the fabric as a guide it is very hard to keep the stitches on the lines, and to get the stitches facing in the right direction.  I also managed to mess it up by not reading the instructions properly and used 1 strand instead of 3, but i couldn’t be bothered to start again and i think it looks ok.  I just wish i could do it more neatly.


Crewel Embroidery Butterflies

I got given a crewel butterflies kit for Christmas, and managed to lose it for 6 months and have only just found it!  So as i’ve finally found it again i’m going to start it now.  I thought it would be good to try because it’s different to cross stitch, but potentially it would be easier to make my own desings in crewel.

Here are some pictures of what it’s going to look like when it’s finished (hopefully) and the fabric and threads.  The design is printed onto the fabric and there is a pattern that goes with it to tell you which bits are which colour.  The kit is made by Dimensions.