Snow Leopard – Dimensions Gold Collection

So it’s been a long time since I last wrote.  A lot has happened since then, most importantly I got married 🙂  My husband got me some really lovely and thoughtful wedding presents, one of which was this beautiful snow leopard cross stitch which is part of the Dimensions Gold Collection.

I haven’t done too much yet, but you can already see the shape of the face starting to appear.  The kit looks really good, the threads all came pre-sorted which makes a really nice change, and there are two versions of the chart – a large one and a small one.



The Awakening Update 29

Well Page 8 is finally complete, and I couldn’t resist starting the next page before stopping to take a photo.  There is only one and a bit pages left to go until the end of the row now which  is very exciting.

The Awakening Update 28

I know there are lots of other cross stitch blogs out there where people finish project after project but I like to think that the length of time The Awakening is taking will all be worthwhile because it’s looking really great.  Progress has been slow but at least there has been some progress and I have almost finished the page.  I got excited when I laid it out to take the photo just now because it’s been in the frame for a long time so it’s ages since i’ve seen the whole thing and it looks so good!

The Awakening Update 27

I’ve been busy lately with moving house and starting my new job and getting everything sorted out.  Now i’m all settled in here is an update for you.  I haven’t done that much, I am nearly half way through this page.  I’m really looking forward to getting onto the next line of pages of the pattern because that’s when things really start to get interesting.

The Awakening Update 26

Page 7 of my HAED, The Awakening is now finished.  The sun is sparkly but it doesn’t show up very well in the photo unfortunately.  It’s stitched using Kreinik.  The #4 braid which the pattern suggested I use turned out to be quite thick and to do a full cross using one strand of this looked too thick against the one strand of normal thread used for the rest of the design.  I’m sure the Kreinik isn’t supposed to be split into strands but I found if you are careful you can split it up into 4 strands.  So I used a two strand width to make it roughly the same width as the normal thread.  Unfortunately this then resulted in it frequently getting very tangled up and shredding fluff.  Eventually I found that using just one of the four strands was easier, but going over each cross twice to make it a double thickness.

After asking about the Kreinik on some cross stitch forums I found that some people use the blending filament which is thinner, but i’m not convinced that it would be as sparkly.  Some people also do just a half cross stitch with the Kreinik #4 braid, but having tried this I found that it didn’t look good next to the full crosses that I am doing for the rest of the piece.

Anyway, here is the picture of my progress so far.



I’ve done some more on my leopard coloured pencil drawing.  I’m not sure if it’s finished or not, i’ll leave it for now and see what I think later.  I used prismacolor pencils on black paper.

Leopard WIP

This is not cross stitch, but a drawing of a leopard i’m working on using coloured pencils on black paper.  Hopefully i’ll get it finished soon.  I’m working on my HAED, The Awakening over half term too so i’ll show you a picture of that soon.

The Awakening Update 22

I have been very busy with moving house lately, so unfortunately not much time for stitching.  I am now settled in my new flat and waiting for my boyfriend to come and join me next week, it’s a bit lonely here on my own.

Page 4 of The Awakening is now complete!  After this there is only one more half (ish) page until the end of the first row so it’s very exciting!  I can’t wait to get onto the next row, unfortunately this next page is all trees so not too interesting.

The Awakening Update 12

I’ve been working hard on my Heaven And Earth Designs piece, The Awakening by Jonathon Earl Bowser.  I’ve now finished all the sky on page 2 of the chart, and the colours look really lovely.  I’ve also been doing lots of the archway and that’s coming on really well now.  I find it amazing how all these seemingly random colours come together to produce a beautiful piece of artwork.  It can be kind of scary to stitch with a bright purple colour next to a bright blue but when viewed from a distance it all combines together and works.

The Awakening Page 1 Complete!

I haven’t updated for the last few weeks because i’ve been really busy with my PGCE course, but i’ve finished my first school placement now so i should have more time over the next couple of weeks for cross stitching.  I’ve finally finished page 1 of The Awakening!  Unfortunately i don’t seem to be able to take very good pictures today, it  looks much better in real life.

I had my first experience with krenik at the end of this page, there are 4 stitches using it in the middle of the sphere.  For those who don’t know it’s a sparkley thread, this one is Krenik #4, an almost white colour.  Instead of using a whole strand of it, because it seemed quite thick, i decided to separate it out into smaller strands and just used two of those, so half the original.  This seems to work ok, i don’t think i’d have been able to thread the needle with it in the whole thread.  You can’t really see it as there aren’t many stitches, but i think it will look good later on, in the snowy parts for example.

I think that page 2 will be a lot quicker than this page, because all it is is sky and archway, which involves very few colours compared to this first page, which used almost all of the 90 colours for the project.  I’ve now done 8000 stitches, out of almost 200,000 for the whole project.



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