Snow Leopard – Dimensions Gold Collection

So it’s been a long time since I last wrote.  A lot has happened since then, most importantly I got married 🙂  My husband got me some really lovely and thoughtful wedding presents, one of which was this beautiful snow leopard cross stitch which is part of the Dimensions Gold Collection.

I haven’t done too much yet, but you can already see the shape of the face starting to appear.  The kit looks really good, the threads all came pre-sorted which makes a really nice change, and there are two versions of the chart – a large one and a small one.



Woodland Enchantress Review

Yes, it is finally finished!!!  Eight months, around 40,000 stitches, an awful lot of backstitch, loads of french knots, some beads, and some cording later, and it is done.  I thought i would write a review of the kit to help anyone considering doing it make up their mind.  First of all, here is a finished picture:


And a close up of the head and shoulders area.  The yellow flowers in the hair are french knots, and you can also see some of the metallic backstitch and cording.


Review: Woodland Enchantress, Dimensions Gold Collection

This kit comes with everything you need to make the piece, including the beads, metallic thread, a beading needle and of course the normal threads, fabric and needle.  The pattern itself is fairly small, but the symbols are coloured so it is easier to read.  The threads come with a thread sorter, and are already divided into four bundles so they are very easy to sort into the correct colours and load onto the thread sorter if that’s what you want to do with them.  The cardboard thread sorter did last quite well, but some of the holes broke over time and the gold metallic thread was hopeless to try and keep on it.

The fabric is dove grey, 16 count aida, and is cut to the right size for the piece.  However it doesn’t leave much space around the edges, only a couple of inches on each side, which may make it a little more difficult to frame.  It didn’t fray too badly though, and i didn’t find i had to do anything to stop it fraying.

The instructions that come with the kit are fairly clear and tell you how to do all the different stitches needed.  The only real problem is that the list showing the thread colours and symbols is on the side of the chart, so it does make it a bit awkward when stitching when you are doing the part furthest away as you have to keep turning to the list.

The design uses full cross stitches for the enchantress herself, and half cross stitches for the background.  This gives quite a good effect, and does make the background quicker to stitch, although the half cross stitches use between three and five strands, so they can get a bit annoying.  The colours themselves are beautiful, and very varied, so you shouldn’t get too bored.  The major problem i had with this kit was that i ran out of the blue purple thread with quite a few stitches still to do.  I am quite a careful stitcher so i think Dimensions really need to supply more thread with the kit.  I also almost ran out of brown, i only had a couple of inches spare when i finished all the stitches.

A large part of this design is the extra touches that are done after the full and half cross stitches are complete.  There is a lot of backstitching, in various different colours, which does get very time consuming as it is not simply outlining the edge of shapes.  The gold metallic threads are supposed to be done with a technique called couching, but this seemed a lot more difficult and time consuming so i decided to do these sections with normal backstitch.

There are also a lot of french knots, but i quite enjoyed doing these, and they didn’t take too long.  The beads were very easy to sew on, and definitely improve the effect of the finished piece.  The cording was a little tricky to get in the right place, but not too bad.

Overall i would recommend this kit if you want a design which has something a bit different, and enjoy all those finishing details which make this piece really stand out.  However this kit is not one for a beginner, as some of the techniques used are a little difficult, and you do have to be very careful about how much thread you use.