Woodland Enchantress Framed

Sorry I haven’t written for so long, I have literally only been able to pick up my cross stitch once since term started at the beginning of September, which is very sad.  I’ve just been so busy and tired I have little time for anything but work.  However it is half term now so I have a week to recover, and hopefully at least a little stitching time.

My Woodland Enchantress has finally been framed so I wanted to share with you what it looks like hung on the wall.  I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and I think the colours of the frame work well.


Woodland Enchantress Has An Arm!

Yep that’s right, she now has an arm, and part of a hand.  I’m also still working away slowly on that background which seems neverending at the moment, and contains lots of annoying colours which require two strands of one colour and three strands of another colour.

Half Way

I’m now over half way through my Woodland Enchantress!  I’m really pleased with the progress i’ve made in the last couple of weeks, it’s looking so good.  I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of days because it was my birthday on Sunday, and i went to Thorpe Park yesterday which was great.  Although i enjoyed doing some stitching out in the garden at the weekend in the lovely weather.

April Update

I haven’t had much time for stitching lately, i’ve been getting a lot of work from my temp agency, although the money is nice.  I’ve also been working hard on sorting out my website and we now have a new host and a brand new webpage, which is rather nice so do go and have a look (my website).

As far as my Woodland Enchantress goes, i’m trying to finish off the blue and white part of her skirt at the moment, then hopefully soon i’ll get to move onto the green part.